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Technological Gestalt Consulting

XIG Networks provides diverse services to our clients. Our focus is technological gestalt consulting. This means we specialize in an experience that is greater than the individual products or services we provide. We will take your need and provide the best possible solution to your situation. We don't take a short list of our solutions and try to force your project into them; we will find how to or who can meet your technology need to the greatest extent possible today.

If you know what you need and you want an expert hand making sure it's done right - or explaining the pros and cons of your choices to you - then that is exactly what we do. If you want a detailed plan for the best solution independent of provider, that is exactly what we do.

This makes our greatest specialty technology integration - causing the interaction of one or more pieces of technology to perform in the way that best suites your business. We provide only top quality service, and we set our schedule so that we can always be extraordinarily responsive to your needs. We'll answer our phone. We'll return emails or voicemails, usually within the hour.

We're honest that our specialty is not in commodities - if you need one thing, you know exactly what it is and there are dozens of people providing it, then we're probably not the cheapest. We are a provider of many services and a reseller of many products and more services, but our primary business is not in selling or reselling those things, we do so in order to better be able to guarantee the solutions we design and specify for our clients. We seek to find good prices, but we are not a discounter. Our top priority is to be able to reliably deliver your results.

This is why you won't find a price list; the only occasional hardware advertised here is generally either used or is part of a liquidation of excess goods from a special purchase. If appropriate, we'll recommend our vendors to our consulting clients - giving you the best information is what we do. However, this is also why we generally cannot recommend our vendors for free; the best provider for your situation IS what we sell.

n : a configuration or pattern of elements so unified as a whole that it cannot be described merely as a sum of its parts
Source: WordNet ® 2.0, © 2003 Princeton University

House Specialties

Notwithstanding our focus on the broad scope of technological gestalt consulting, there are certain things we've become particularly specialized at doing.

Database driven web applications especially those using Adobe Flex, Flash and ColdFusion. It is our philosophy that if a new user application doesn't need access to the local machine's hardware, it should be projected over the web. This is especially true if the applications involves data on a server. If dynamically generated HTML in a browser isn't up to the task, today Flash Player certainly is.

Mixed networks using any combination of Linux, OS X and Windows for workstations and servers and sharing resources over TCP/IP, including transitioning from one architecture to another and compatibility issues. A common example is using SAMBA on a linux server to act as a Windows Primary Domain Controller, and connecting to it's files and printers from workstations of any OS.

Education in how best to use technology, especially in how to use technologies together. We'll train your technology specialists how to use something new, train particular users to be specialists in locally supporting certain technologies, and train all of your users to better use the technology you have.

Portfolio You can find the most publicly available parts of our portfolio here.

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