2005 February 12 - We apologize for the sparse web content at the moment. After a long wait, Bullets and Bootlegs will be available soon. Email games AT xig DOT net with any questions.
Order the Starchildren: Velvet Generation main book here.

Payment is via Paypal. We encourage resellers; discounts are based on quantity. Reseller verification is only required for Illinois orders without sales tax.

We'll have as many books as you want signed by Rich Ranallo and Scott Leaton, but this may add substantial delay to your order.
Shipping is a flat $2.50 for noncase book orders.
1 copy of SC:VG - $22.45 (10% off)
3 copies of SC:VG - $60 (~20% off)
5 copies of SC:VG - $85 ($17 a book)
10 copies of SC:VG - $125 ($7.50 a book)
Cases are 40 books with a face value of $1000 and weigh approximately 55 lbs. Case orders pay actual shipping or make your own shipping arrangements from Lombard, IL without a loading dock.
1 case of SC:VG - $300 (70% off) ($7.50 a book)
2 cases of SC:VG - $500 (75% off)
3 or more cases - $200 ea (80% off)